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In this lesson, you will:

  • Echo Body Percussion
  • Create clap patterns to “Loo La”
  • Learn a new Healthy Habits song, “Wash Your Hands”
  • Learn another Healthy Habits song, “We’ll Stay Apart”
  • Complete the Music and Me Booklet so your teacher can get to know you.

Supporting Resources


  • I can echo body percussion patterns.
  • I can make up new clap patterns to a song.
  • I can sing songs and do movements.

Teaching Procedure

1 Practice your rhythm skills by echoing body percussion

Can you echo the body percussion patterns in the video?

Echo the body percussion patterns when it's your turn.

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Song Used: Loo La

2 Learn "Loo La"

Listen to "Loo La".

While you're listening, think of ways that you could move to the song.

Play the video again and sing along.

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Song Used: Loo La

3 Watch the Kids Demo of "Loo La"

Watch the Kids Demo of "Loo La."

Make up your own ways to add interest to the song using clapping or body percussion.

Practice your new patterns and perform them for your teacher or family!

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4 Learn the Healthy Habits song, "Wash Your Hands"

You might know this tune.

This simple song is to encourage us to wash our hands long enough to kill all kinds of germs.

Sing this song in your head two times every time you wash your hands so that you wash your hands for a full 20 seconds.

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5 Learn the Healthy Habits song "We'll Stay Apart"

This song is a round. There are two parts.

Can you learn both parts?

Watch the video and learn the two parts to this song.

Can you create movements to go with the song?

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6 Complete the Music and Me Booklet

Print and complete the Music and Me booklet to show your teacher or someone in your family.
Make your own booklet and answer the same questions. Share the booklet with your teacher or family.

7 Review any of the songs you like or find new favourites!

Repetition is one of the ways that we learn something well.

Students improve singing on pitch, learn the lyrics and melody better with each repetition.

Students will develop their musicality if you sing, move, play more often!

Keep a list of the songs and activities that you like.

You can easily find any song by using the search engine on the website.

8 Assessment

Assessment may not be required for your school or district.

Your teacher may ask you to email one of the suggested assessments

9 Music is literacy

Parents, Teachers and Administration:

Music education is important for children.

Whether in class or at home, keep our children singing, playing, moving, listening and creating music!