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MusicplayOnline is a versatile teaching tool that encourages active music making in and out of the classroom. Whether you are at school or at home, our resources are designed to fit your teaching needs!

Lesson Planning Started For You

Choose from the pre-built lessons, the song list, or create your own from scratch! Musicplay is a menu and includes paths for Orff and Kodaly specialists and general classroom teachers.

Student Access Included

Included with your teacher license is a student access code for all of your students. Give them access to educational games, interactives, instrument programs and more!


Enjoy 14 days free! No credit card required.

Teacher License

20.95 CAD per user, billed monthly*

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CAD per user, billed monthly*

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We also offer multi-year licensing options!

Why Choose Musicplayonline?

Classroom Tested

Written in the classroom by a music educator, the program is continuously enhanced  by recommendations from new, experienced and retired teachers.


Whether you’re in the classroom, online, hybrid, or calling in a sub you can choose from pre-built lesson modules or build your own lessons using our materials and yours.

Vibrant Community

When you choose Musicplay you become a Musicplay teacher surrounded by a passionate community that is dedicated to supporting each other, music education and their students.

Over 1,287 Songs!

Discover new songs, familiar songs and choral pieces. Each song has videos, downloadable accompaniment tracks, arrangements, teaching suggestions and more!

Play Your Way!

Each instrument program has lessons that focus on building skills and learning through concepts through playing. Programs include recorder, ukelele, guitar, bucket drumming, body percussion, frame drumming, boomwhackers and more!

Over 50 Themed Units

Each unit is full of all kinds of resources. Find units for festivals and holidays, dance selections, listening units, school programs, orchestra families and theory.

Teachers Give Us An A+

  • The resources available in Musicplayonline are amazing! For the price we pay for a yearly subscription, there is so much provided! The new MusicplayOnline site is fantastic. I highly recommend Musicplayonline.

    Pamela, Nevada, USA

  • With having to teach Music online this has been an invaluable resource to have at my fingertips. Having the ability to share videos of movement with my kiddos and have quality recordings that I don't have to spend as much time searching out is amazing. Thank you for putting SO much work into this incredible resource for us all!

    Linda, BC, Canada

  • I love the variety of songs! It helps me open my mind up to other ideas.

    Rachel, Texas, USA

  • Extended my resources and activities I do with my students it is great for researching and creating my own units of work. A great way to also check that I am covering a variety of concepts in my own units of work.

    Jennifer, Victoria, Australia

  • This has been a lifesaver during our hybrid teaching this year!

    Jennie, Indiana, USA

  • MusicplayOnline offers a wealth of materials that you really cannot find anywhere else. It is comprehensive and very easy to use. You can use it to plan your entire year or you can use it for supplemental resources! The team at Musicplay is very kind and helpful. MusicplayOnline is "Simply the Best."

    Kathy, Arkansas, USA

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