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Why MusicplayOnline?


Whether you’re in the classroom, online, hybrid, or calling in a sub you can choose from pre-built lesson modules or build your own lessons using our materials and yours.


Student Access Included

Included with your teacher license is a student access code for all of your students. Give them access to educational games, interactives, instrument programs, and more! We don't store any student data to ensure that we keep everyone safe!

Lesson Planning Started for You

Choose from the pre-built lessons, the song list, or create your own from scratch! Musicplay is a menu and includes paths for Orff and Kodaly specialists and general classroom teachers. This resource also works well as a printable lesson planning guide and includes: year plans, scope & sequence, month outlines, song notation and activities. There are curriculum correlations suggested to help connect to other areas.


Over 1,287 Songs!

Discover new songs, familiar songs, and choral pieces. Each song has videos, downloadable accompaniment tracks, arrangements, teaching suggestions and more!


Thousands of Videos

Thousands of videos are included to support you. We have vocal warmups, solfa practice, rhythm practice, recorder levels 1 & 2, ukulele, guitar, Boomwhackers, bucket drumming, body percussion, dances, kids demos, and the composer's specials (Bach's Fight for Freedom, etc.).

Play Your Way!

Each instrument program has lessons that focus on building skills and learning through concepts through playing. Programs include recorder, ukelele, guitar, bucket drumming, body percussion, frame drumming, boomwhackers, and more!


Over 50 Themed Units

Each unit is full of all kinds of resources. Find units for festivals and holidays, dance selections, listening units, school programs, orchestra families and theory.

Interactives & Games

The online site includes 3,000+ interactive activities to use on computers and student devices! We're constantly updating and finding new ways to use gamification to reinforce concepts. You'll find fun music games, solfa and note naming activities, tone ladders, beat and rhythm activities, melody composition tools, rhythm composition tools, pop quizzes, and more!

Workshops and Webinars

Denise hosts several webinars a month on a variety of topics. All webinars come with a certificate of completion to use for PD credits!


Vibrant Community

When you choose Musicplay you become a Musicplay teacher surrounded by a passionate community that is dedicated to supporting each other, music education and their students.



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  • Free student access
  • Pre-built learning modules
  • An ever expanding library of content

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District License

  • All features in teacher license
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Teachers Give Us An A+

  • MusicplayOnline offers a wealth of materials that you really cannot find anywhere else. It is comprehensive and very easy to use. You can use it to plan your entire year or you can use it for supplemental resources! The team at Musicplay is very kind and helpful. MusicplayOnline is "Simply the Best."

    Kathy, Arkansas, USA

  • The resources available in MusicplayOnline are amazing! For the price we pay for a yearly subscription, there is so much provided! The new MusicplayOnline site is fantastic. I highly recommend MusicplayOnline.

    Pamela, Nevada, USA

  • Great resources and amazing sequence of concepts! A must for elementary music teachers!

    Eline, Maryland, USA

  • I love the Learning Modules! The sample videos are very helpful and make it easy to prepare my lessons quickly. They have also served as last minute Sub lesson plans. My favorite thing about being a part of the Musicplayonline community is the connection with teachers all over the world, and easy access to the creator. Denise is so easy to talk to and so very helpful. I love her teaching style and ideas and am so grateful she is sharing her gifts with us.

    Tara, Georgia, USA

  • This has been amazing this year but Music Play Online has always helped me way beyond anything else!

    Amy, Wisconsin, USA

  • Denise and the Musicplay program have energized my love of teaching music more than I could ever have imagined!

    Janett, Texas, USA

  • Musicplay Online is amazing! So many resources all in one place for an incredible price! Besides having great lesson plans that can be used on a regular basis, it is very helpful for those times that your creativity is running low, or you have virtual students. Everything I have used from the website is very high quality, and the kids have enjoyed the activities.

    Lori, Alberta, Canada

  • Denise and Musicplay have definitely enhanced what I teach. Some new ideas and great supplemental ideas.

    Arwen, Connecticut, USA

  • Check out Musicplay it will save you time!!

    Janet, Virginia, USA

  • I do SO much more movement, listening, meaningful written work and composition.....I can't say enough!

    Pamela, Maine, USA

  • MusicplayOnline is awesome. My students love the lyric videos and games.

    Kristi, Texas, USA

  • The resource of the songs alone is huge but add to that the amazing encourager Denise is through this whole last year! Wow, I can say I made it through the challenges of this year because of Denise Gagne and Musicplay ! Thank you so much!

    Carol, Tennessee, USA

  • It's so organized! When I'm planning a lesson I can find songs/accompaniments easily to go along with the concept I am planning. If I need a lesson, it's there! It's been such a great help with this crazy year to have lessons and units available at the click of a button that the students enjoy!

    Marjorie, South Carolina, USA