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Czech Republic

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Travel to Eastern Europe with JJ through song and dance while visiting the country of Czech Republic. Here’s an elementary arrangement of Tancuj Tancuj featuring a traditional folk song. “Tancuj Tancuj” is popular Czech/Slovakian polka that you’ll certainly hear if you’re lucky enough to go to a Czech or Slovak wedding. This lively polka implores dancers to dance and spin with abandon — “Tancuj tancuj” means “dance, dance” and the next words of the original, “vykrúcaj vykrúcaj,” mean “spin around, spin around” Tranlsation: Dance, dance, spin around, spin around, just don’t break my stove, don’t break my stove. Stove will be handy in the winter, in the winter, not everyone has a blanket, has a blanket. Tralalala, tralalala, lalalala-lalalala. Tralalala, tralalala, lalalala-lalalala.

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