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Looking to use Best Pet Show Ever in your Kindergarten classroom?

You'll also cover the themes of: Animal Songs, Farm, Insects

Best Pet Show Ever


“The Best Pet Show Ever!” is a 15-20 minute K-3 musical. The musical can be performed as a complete production with more than one class or the teacher could choose 3 or 4 of the class favourites to perform at an assembly. There are 18 speaking parts that could be performed by 18 different children. However, these lines could be performed by as few as 3 different children as well. The lines are non-gender specific – any line can be spoken by any child.

The setting is a pet show. The children introduce their pets and tell why their pets are the best. The musical includes songs about cats, dogs, bunnies, snakes, the SPCA, and responsible pet ownership.

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1. We're Having a Pet Show


We're Having a Pet Show We're Having a Pet Show! Acc.
2. My Cat


My Cat My Cat ACC
3. My Dog


My Dog My Dog ACC
4. I Don't Have a Pet


I Don't Have a Pet I Don't Have a Pet ACC
5. My Charming Snake


My Charming Snake 14-My-Charming-Snake-ACC
6. The Bunny Hop


The Bunny Hop The Bunny Hop ACC
7. Let's Hear it for the SPCA


Let's Hear it for the SPCA Lets Hear it for the SPCA ACC
8. Pet Owner's Rap


Pet Owner's Rap Pet Owners Rap
9. We Had a Pet Show!


We Had a Pet Show! We Had a Pet Show ACC