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Looking to use Lunar New Year in your classroom?

You'll also cover the themes of: Asia

Lunar New Year

Unit Category(s):
Festivals & Holidays
Months / Weeks(s):
January, February, Week 3, Week 4, Week 1, Week 2
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The Lunar New Year Musical Activities include lessons for K-5 music classes that teach them about the holiday, a traditional song (with vocal recording), a rondo lesson, a lesson on the Chinese zodiac animals (rhythm words and sound effects), a lesson on the dragon dance. The Rondo lesson or the Animals of the Zodiac lesson could take 1-2 music classes.

Extra Resources


1. Fun Facts about the Lunar New Year

Concept Slides / Projectables

2. Gong Xi Gong Xi


Gong Xi ACC

Concept Slides / Projectables

3. Lunar New Year Rondo


Lunar New Year Rondo ACC

Concept Slides / Projectables

4. Animals of the Zodiac

5. Dragon Dance