UNITS – Winter Games

    Songs and Activities


    Winter Games Musical Activity provides multiple lesson activities for K-5 music classes. If you want to celebrate the Winter Games in your music
    classroom, this set of activities will give you a wealth of lesson choices. Materials include:
    -an animated Fun Facts Video
    -a K-2 and a 2-5 body percussion lesson
    – a K-2 and a 2-5 rondo lesson with Orff arrangement
    – listening lessons on the Olympic Themes & Fanfare
    – Movement activities with recordings
    – Color by Note Snowboarder and Rhythm Sort worksheets.

    1. Fun Facts

    2. Medal Body Percussion

    3. Olympics Rondo Orff Lesson

    4. Fanfare Listening and Movement

    5. Rhythm Relay

    6. Rhythm Race

    7. Movement Activites

    8. Winter Music Games