Grade 4 Lesson 18

In this lesson you will

Play Basketball rhythms

Read, sing and play the notes B and A on a virtual xylophone.

You will create your own melody on B and A.

Alternate Activity:  If you have recorders at home, or are allowed to play recorders in-person, start the Recorder unit.

Supporting Resources


  • I can read, create and play melodies and rhythms
  • I can sing and move to music

Teaching Procedure

1 Optional: Play Note Name Memory Game

Optional: Play Note Name Memory Game

There are 3 options:
- notes in spaces
- notes on lines
- notes on the staff
There are 2 levels. Try both Level 1 and Level 1

2 Find a ball to review rhythms

Practice each ball bouncing note value
1. whole note - bounce catch hold for 2
2. half note - bounce catch
3. quarter notes - toss the ball from hand to hand
4. eightht notes - toss the ball quickly back and forth from hand to hand

Then, the teacher should point to the note values and/or call out the note value and students bounce the balls using the note value called.

Try bouncing balls with one of the audio tracks that follow.

Try bouncing balls with a favorite pop song!

3 Ball Bouncing Audio 1

4 Ball Bouncing Audio 2

This audio is faster - it will be a challenge!

5 Read and play #1-2-3

play the recorder melody on the virtual xylophone

In the upper left corner it says "Choose Song"

Select the songs to practice. You should learn songs #1-2-3.

6 Sample Composition

Create a composition with the notes B and A.

Choose Level 5 and use the notes B and A.

In supporting resources there is manuscript paper to download and print. If you can print, write your composition on the manuscript paper.

If you can't print, copy the letter names onto plain paper.

7 Play your composition on the virtual xylophone.

Try playing your composition on the virtual xylophone below. (or your recorder)