Grade 4 Lesson 19

In this lesson, you will:

  • play basketball rhythms
  • read, sing and play the notes B, A, G on a virtual xylophone
  • create your own melody on B, A, G

Alternate Activity: If you have recorders at home or are allowed to play recorders in-person, continue the Recorder unit.


  • I can read, create and play melodies and rhythms.
  • I can sing and move to music.

Teaching Procedure

1 Find a Ball to Review Rhythms

Play the ball bouncing rhythms with the video.

Video not working? Try our alternate video player!

2 Print or Draw Note Values to Compose With

Print the note values from the supporting resources.
Draw your own set of note values on a piece of paper.

Make several sets, so you can create your own ball bouncing rhythm.

3 Ball Bouncing Audio 1

Use the note values above.

4 Ball Bouncing Audio 2

This audio is faster - it will be a challenge!

5 Review "Just B"

Play the recorder melodies on the virtual xylophone.

In the upper left corner, it says "Choose Song" and select the songs to practice:
Review songs #1-2-3
Learn #4-5-6-7.

6 Compose a New Melody Using B, A and G

Use Level 5 to create a new B A G melody.

Do you like your melody?

If you want to try something else, refine it.

Draw a staff and copy your melody onto the staff.
Write the letter names for your composition on a piece of paper.

If you are able to print, a melody composition worksheet is given in the supporting resources above.

7 Sample Composition

This is a sample BAG composition.

Try playing this composition on the virtual xylophone below (or on your recorder).

8 Play Your Composition on the Virtual Xylophone.

Try playing the sample composition above on the virtual xylophone below (or on your recorder).

If you made a copy of your own composition, try playing it.