Bucket Drumming Lesson 6 – We Will Rock You


In this lesson you will

explore a variety of ways to play a rhythm pattern on buckets, leading with both right and left hands

play along with the song, “We Will Rock You”

This lesson is fun for all ages!

Note:  Bucket Drumming Lessons 1-4 are currently in Online Learning – Middle School When time permits, we’ll move all bucket drumming to Units into the Drumming Unit

Supporting Resources

  • No Resources available for this module.


  • I can read and play rhythms

Teaching Procedure

1 Learn how to play the patterns used in this song

Learn how to play the patterns used in this song

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2 Practice Exercise 1

Practice Exercise 1 using the sticking shown.

3 Practice Exercise 2

Practice Exercise 2

4 Practice Exercise 3

Practice Exercise 3

5 Practice Exercise 4

Practice Exercise 4

6 Practice Exercise 5

Practice Exercise 5

7 Play along with We Will Rock You

Play along with We Will Rock You

Discussion Questions: How does music from popular culture reflect the past and influence the present.
Where do you think pop music came from? (See History of Jazz Unit)
How does pop music influence our lives?
What do you think music will be like in the future?