Grade 4 Lesson 12

In this lesson, you will:

  • #35 “My Bonnie” – play a movement game using different tempos
  • complete a tempo worksheet or complete a Pop Quiz on tempo terms
  • perform rhythm compositions at a variety of tempos
  • learn about the percussion family
  • play the game, “What Instrument Do You Hear?”

Supporting Resources


  • I can sing and move to music.
  • I can describe the percussion family.
  • I can define and perform using a variety of tempos.

Teaching Procedure

Song Used: My Bonnie

1 Do a Fun Warmup with Song #35 "My Bonnie"

Do a fun warmup with song #35 "My Bonnie".

Each time there is a letter B in the song, change from sitting to standing or from standing to sitting. Have fun!

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2 Perform Rhythms at a Variety of Tempos

Perform rhythms at a variety of tempos.

Try levels 3-4-5 or 11-12-13.

To learn or review what the tempo terms mean, open and read the teaching slides in the activity.

3 Complete a Tempo Worksheet

Complete a tempo worksheet.

You can print the worksheet from the supporting resources.

If you don't have a printer, write the answers on a plain piece of paper.

4 Play the Pop Quiz: Terms - Tempo

Play the Pop Quiz - Terms - Tempo

5 Learn About the Percussion Family

Learn about the percussion family.

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6 Create a Composition Using Virtual Unpitched (Non-Pitched) Percussion Instruments

Create a composition using virtual unpitched (non-pitched) percussion instruments.

Create a 16 beat rhythm, and decide which instrument(s) to use to play it.

7 Play the Game, "What Instrument Do You Hear?"

Play the game, "What Instrument do you Hear?"

8 Thanksgiving Options

Thanksgiving Options can be found in the Thanksgiving Unit.

1. Performance song - We are Thankful Children.

2. Create an accompaniment for a Thanksgiving poem.

3. Create a Thanksgiving word rhythm composition.