Grade 3 Lesson 16

In this lesson you will:

  • #43 “I’m on the King’s Land” – learn  song and play adapted game, play Match the Melody, do solfa challenge, and rhythm sort
  • #47 “January First” – create a play along to song
  • listen to the koto
  • #50 “Donkeys Love Carrots” – learn a fun movement round

Supporting Resources


  • I can sing and move to music.
  • I can play along with music.
  • I can read rhythm and melody patterns.

Teaching Procedure

1 Echo m sl

Listen to the pattern, then echo. (right away!)

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2 Do the Solfa Challenge for #43 "I'm on the King's Land"

Do the solfa challenge for #43 "I'm on the King's Land."

After completing the challenge:
1. Read the rhythms.
2. Sing the song using solfa notes.

3 Review Song #43 "I'm on the King's Land"

Play the video again and sing the song.

Adapt the game for "King's Land" for Zoom or in-person.

Zoom: Choose one student to be the "poacher." Have the poacher speed walk on and off camera while the class sings the song.
Have the class count how many times that the poacher appeared while they were singing. Keep track of who was able to be seen the most times.

In-person: Make this a game where you guess who has the comb. One (or more) guessers close their eyes.The teacher will point to a student to indicate they have the comb.
Play the recording. Then guesser claps and says the name of the student he thinks has it. Is it Matthew? (ta ta ta ta). Give 3 guesses.

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4 Do the Rhythm Sort for #43 "I'm on the King's Land"

The answers will follow, but don't peek unless you really need to!

5 Answers for the Rhythm Sort for #43 "I'm on the King's Land"

Check to see if your answers are correct!

6 Listen to #47 "January First"

This is a Japanese New Year's song.

Choose one of the 2 bar rhythms shown play along with the song using instruments from your kit or find something at home.

The audio track follows.

7 Audio for #47 "January First"

Play one of the rhythms above with the audio.

8 Learn About the Koto 1

Read about the koto.

9 Learn About the Koto 2

Read about the koto.

10 Listen and Watch a Koto Performance on Safeshare

Learn about the koto.

11 Learn #50 “Donkeys Love Carrots”

Listen to the song.

Play the video again and sing along.

This recording is of the song in "unison" (all voices are singing together).

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12 Learn the Movements for "Donkeys Love Carrots" and Try it as a Round

The kids will demo the movements for the song. Sing along and copy the movements.

Then try singing with part 1 when the kids sing it as a round.

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