Grade 4 Lesson 17

In this lesson you will

Review the staff – do activities #13-21 in interactive, worksheets, note name game – Note Name Memory

review: #44. “Clock Round”

– play Basketball rhythms

Review: Easy Cup Game to Favorite Rag.  Complete a listening log.


  • I can read melodies and rhythms
  • I can sing and move to music
  • I can create movement to music

Teaching Procedure

1 Review the staff - activities 13-21

Read and review the staff, clefs, the treble clef, numbering of lines and spaces, and naming notes in lines and spaces.

2 Draw a staff and practice making musical words

Virtual: Have the students draw a staff. Have them find 5-8 coins, buttons, or small crackers/cereal to use as "notes"

Have the students spell musical words.
Here are some to get you started:
Cafe, Egg, Cabbage, Baggage, Deed, Deaf, Bead, Bed, Bead, bed, Caged, Deaf, Bade, Aced, Beg ,fade, Faded, Age, Cab, Badge, Faced, Decaf
How many words can you think of that use A B C D E F G ?

In Person: do the same. If students don't have materials to draw a staff, give them a photocopied staff and 5-8 bingo chips in a ziplock bag or cut notes out of cardstock for students to use.

3 Optional: Play Note Name Memory Game

Optional: Play Note Name Memory Game

There are 3 options:
- notes in spaces
- notes on lines
- notes on the staff
There are 2 levels. Try both Level 1 and Level 1

4 Name the notes in song #44. “Clock Round”

Name the notes in the song.

Read the rhythms together.

Sing the pitch names in the song.

5 Review song #44. “Clock Round”

Sing the song. (if allowed)

If you can't sing, do the movement in the next activity.

Video not working? Try our alternate video player!

6 Watch the class do the movements for the "Clock Round."

Watch the movements that the students do to this song.

Virtual: create movements that you can do as a solo

In-person: create movements that you can do safely. (play the recording above if you can't sing)
- other options include playing the melody on Orff instruments, or teaching the Orff arrangement for the song.

Video not working? Try our alternate video player!

7 Find a ball to review rhythms

Practice each ball bouncing note value
1. whole note - bounce catch hold for 2
2. half note - bounce catch
3. quarter notes - toss the ball from hand to hand
4. eightht notes - toss the ball quickly back and forth from hand to hand

Then, the teacher should point to the note values and/or call out the note value and students bounce the balls using the note value called.

Try bouncing balls with one of the audio tracks that follow.

Try bouncing balls with a favorite pop song!

8 Ball Bouncing Audio 1

9 Ball Bouncing Audio 2

This audio is faster - it will be a challenge!

10 Review the easy cup game to "Favorite Rag"

Review the cup game for "Favorite Rag"

In-person or virtual: Do the pattern on the cups, and keep it - don't pass. Just pick it up and set it down.

Video not working? Try our alternate video player!

11 Complete a Listening Log on Favorite Rag

12 Audio track for "Favorite Rag"