In this lesson, you will:

  • do a rhythm playalong with 8th and 16th notes
  • #62 “Scotland’s Burning” -review read, sing, move
  • Learn the poem, “Deedle Deedle Dumpling” – accented beats, 2/4, rhythm, create ostinato
  • Move to “Irish Reel” – create your own movement
  • Play recorder melodies on the virtual xylophone  Review 1-25 as needed.  Learn 26-27-28-29. #29 is Ode to Joy
  • Listening Kit 4 #19 “Ode to Joy” – watch flash mob, composer video, listening log


  • I can sing and move to music.
  • I can read and play rhythms and melodies.
  • I can listen and respond to music.
  • I can create and perform an ostinato.

Teaching Procedure

1 Do a rhythm playalong with 8th/16th note rhythms

Choose how to play the rhythm.

You could use speech, body percussion or instruments.

If this is too fast for your students, use the gear wheel tool to slow it down.

Video not working? Try our alternate video player!

2 Sing "Scotland's Burning" as a round with the movements

Sing and move in unison.

Try this as a round with teacher singing part 1 and students part 2.

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3 Deedle Deedle Poem Activity 1

Say the poem and step the beat.

4 Deedle Deedle Poem Activity 2

Learn about accented beats.

5 Deedle Deedle Poem Activity 3

Learn about 2/4 time signature.

6 Deedle Deedle Poem Activity 4

Figure out the rhythms of the poem.

7 Deedle Deedle Poem Activity 5

Do body percussion with the poem.

Try the body percussion given or create your own.

8 Deedle Deedle Poem Activity 6

Create an ostinato.

Divide the class into two groups.

One group will decide how to perform the ostinato, and the other group the poem.

Decide how to perform.

- do you like it? - try it another way!

9 Optional: Complete a worksheet notating the rhythm of the poem

Optional: complete the worksheet

10 Move to an Irish Reel

Copy the movement or create your own!

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11 Learn Recorder Melodies 22-25 on the virtual xylophone

In the upper left corner it says "Choose Song".

Select the songs to practice. (1-25)

Choose new songs to learn. ( 26-27-28-29)

#29 is Ode to Joy.

If allowed to play the songs on the recorder, play on the recorder instead of the virtual xylophone.

12 Watch a flash mob performance of "Ode to Joy"

This is a safeshare link.

If the link doesn't work, google, "CSA - Ode to Joy Flashmob"

13 Learn about Beethoven

View the video about Beethoven.

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14 Optional: Complete a listening log on "Ode to Joy"

If time permits, complete a listening log on "Ode to Joy".

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