Grade 4 Lesson 32 updated

In this lesson, you will:

  • Cristian Body Percussion Lesson 10
  • Dance Los Machetes, Cinco de Mayo
  • #83 “Whacky Music”  – improvise and create 16 beat composition

May the 4th is “Star Wars Day” There is a module in Learning Modules – General for classes with 1:1 devices to work in Chrome Music Lab creating the Star Wars themes.  If you have devices you could opt for this lesson instead of lesson 32.


  • I can sing and move to music.
  • I can create or improvise rhythms.
  • I can perform and create body percussion

Teaching Procedure

1 Do Body Percussion Lesson 10 with Cristian

Learn the 3 sequences in this lesson.

It's tricky!

Video not working? Try our alternate video player!

2 Read the Rhythms Parts 1-2-3

Read the rhythms.

3 Read the Score for Parts 1-2

Can you follow the score for parts 1-2?

4 Read the Score for Part 3

Can you follow the score for part 3?

5 Cinco de Mayo

Read about Cinco de Mayo.

6 Read about "Los Machetes"

Read about "Los Machetes."

This is a dance from Mexico, that we can learn for Cinco de Mayo!

In-Person: give each student a pair of rhythm sticks.

Virtual: find a pair of wooden spoons or spoons to use in this dance.

7 Read Some Fun Facts About Mexico

Read together.

8 Try the Dance Steps

Read and try the dance steps.

9 Dance "Los Machetes"

Copy the movements on the video with the students

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10 Watch a Performance of "Los Machetes" on AGT

This is a Safeshare link.

If the link doesn't work, google "Los Machetes America's Got Talent."

11 Watch Another Performance of "Los Machetes"

This is another Safeshare link.

This features an adult dance performance with real machetes.

If the Safeshare link doesn't work, google "Machetes Dance."

Song Used: Whacky Music

12 Read the Lyrics for "Whacky Music"

Read the lyrics for "Whacky Music."

When it says "play a 4 bar rhythm pattern" improvise for 16 beats. Use quarter notes (ta), eighth notes (ti-ti) and rest.

The tempo is fast, so don't use any 16th notes.

13 Choose Instruments to Play

In-Person: invite students to choose instruments to play.

Virtual students: Find things at home to use for instruments.

Song Used: Whacky Music

14 Compose a 4 bar Rhythm Pattern

Compose a 4 bar rhythm pattern.

You can print the pdf in resources or you can save paper and write your pattern like it shows on a piece of paper.

Practice playing your pattern on each of your instruments. Practice at a quick tempo.

Song Used: Whacky Music

15 Listen to the "Whacky Music" Song

Listen to the "Whacky Music" song.

Is the tempo slow, medium or fast?

It's fast!

Play the video again, and sing along.

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16 Watch the Kids Demo of the Song "Whacky Music"

Watch the Kids demo of the song "Whacky Music."

Do you see how the kids improvise during the B, C and D sections?

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Song Used: Whacky Music

17 Sing and Play the "Whacky Music" Song

Play the lyrics video again and, this time, play your 16 beat rhythm composition in the B, C, D sections.

If you play on a different instrument each time, it will change how it sounds.

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