Grade 5 Lesson 23: History of Jazz

In this lesson, you will:

  • #56. “Five Four Groove” – review the song and try improvising
  • create movement to illustrate 5/4
  • History of Jazz Lesson 12: “Cool and Modal”


  • I can sing and move to music.
  • I can describe the music of Charlie Parker and Cool and Modal.
  • I can improvise to music.

Teaching Procedure

1 Perform Rhythms in 5/4 meter - Level 16

Choose level 16 in the tempo tool.

Decide how to perform the rhythms: clap, pat, snap or stomp.

Try the rhythm at different tempos.

To review what the tempo terms mean, select Teaching Slides.

Song Used: Five Four Groove

2 Listen to The Kids Perform Five Four Groove

Listen to some of this song.

Have your students try to pat the beat.
1-2-3-4-5, 1-2-3-4-5
Can your students identify that there are 5 beats in every measure?

Jump to the end of the performance and ask your students if they can hear the two parts.

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Song Used: Five Four Groove

3 Learn To Sing the Chorus of "FIve Four Groove"

Learn to sing the chorus of "FIve Four Groove".

Echo the syllables in the improv section.

As students gain confidence with the song, it will be fun to have students create their own syllables.

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4 Learn about Cool and Modal

Watch the video to learn about Cool and Modal.

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5 Discuss the Questions and/or Complete the Worksheet

The lesson questions are for discussion or students to answer after the Cool and Modal video.

The listening questions are to be discussed or answered after the listening example.

6 Safeshare Link to "Take Five"

This is a safeshare link to "Take Five".

If the link doesn't work for you google, "Take Five".

Discuss the listening assessment questions with the students or have students complete the worksheet.