Middle School Lesson 31: Electronic Music 3

In this lesson you will

  • read and listen to the Google Arts presentation “What’s That Sound?”
  • pause and listen to 10 songs that use synthesizers
  • do a short question-and-answer page


  • I can listen to and respond to music.
  • I can describe how electronic music has changed music.
  • I can select the music I prefer and explain why.

Teaching Procedure

1 View the presentation "What's That Sound?"

Read and listen to the Google Arts presentation.

Pause and listen to 10 songs that use synthesizers.

Do a short question-and-answer page .

2 Do a short Question-and-Answer page

Answer the questions, either on the worksheet, or write your answers on a piece of lined paper.

3 10 Riffs that Shook the World

In this video, the video maker, Espen Kraft, says "whipped me into shape as a keyboard player, and composer in the mid 80s, all in a different way."

Which of these riffs did you see in the 1st presentation?

This is a Safeshare video. If the Safeshare link doesn't work, search internet for "10 Riffs that Shook the World".

The Final Countdown
Take on Me
Axel F
Save a Prayer
New Song
Light my Fire
Deep Red
Toccata and Fugue in Dm