Grade 3 Extra Lesson – March Week 5

In this lesson you will:

  • “I Can do the Bunnyhop Too!” – dance and sing the bunnyhop
  • #78 “Rabbits”- read, interactives
  • Echo sing drm sl in D
  • #83 “Find The Basket”- read, adapt game
  • compose rhythms
  • Interactive egg rhythm composition
  • review #76 “The Wind”


  • I can sing and move to music.
  • I can read rhythms and melodies.
  • I can create rhythm compositions.

Teaching Procedure

1 Learn to sing and dance to #76 “I Can do the Bunnyhop”

- listen to the song, and create movements to go with it

- play the video again and sing along


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2 Learn the movements to "I can do the Bunnyhop Too!"

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Song Used: Rabbits

3 Listen and sing the song "Rabbits"

Listen to the song "Rabbits". Have you heard the melody before?

Play the video again, and sing along!

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4 Practice the Hand Signs for Mi, Re and Do

Solfa is the way that singers name notes.

The song Rabbits, uses the solfa notes so, mi, re and do.

Practice the hand signs that you see in this picture.

Song Used: Rabbits

5 Sing "Rabbits" Using the Solfa Notes mi, re, do

Rabbits uses the solfa notes, do, re, mi and so.

Try singing the song using these notes.

6 Try the Solfa Challenge for Rabbits!

Could you sing Rabbits using solfa?

If you could, try the Solfa Challenge activity.

d is for do, r is for re, m is for mi, and s is for so.

7 Try the Note Name Challenge for Rabbits!

When you play an instrument like recorder or piano, musicians use letters to name the pitches.

The pitches used in Rabbits are C, D, E and G.

Song Used: Find the Basket

8 Echo sing drm sl solfa notes in D

- echo the pitches

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Song Used: Find the Basket

9 Read and sing #83 “Find The Basket”

- pause the video to read the rhythms and the solfa notes

- play again and sing the song

Adapt for Zoom or in-person: play a basket hiding game.
Color and cut out the 4 baskets that are given.
Write a 4 beat rhythm in each basket.
Cut out the baskets.

Choose 1-3 students to be the 'hiders."
The 'hiders" put hands behind their back, and pass the "basket" back and forth. Students in the class guess which hand the basket is in. Give a point for each correct guess. (Keep track of who has had turns!)

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10 Option 1: Create a rhythm composition with "basket" rhythms

After students have created their 4 beat rhythms and cut out their baskets, have them create a 16 beat rhythm composition.

Decide how to play it. (body percussion, instruments, desk drum)
Do they like it? If they do, keep it. If not, try it a new way.
You could use the Easter Basket song as an A section and the new rhythm compositions as a B section.

11 Option 2: Create an Egg Rhythm Composition

- select 4 "egg" rhythm patterns

- decide how to perform them

- you could use body percussion or instruments!

12 review song #76 “The Wind”

- review the song

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