Grade 5 Lesson 38 – Genres

In this lesson students will

  • listen and respond to musical examples in a wide variety of styles and genres
  • discuss personal preferences for music and their reasons for preferences
  • categorize musical examples by genre or style

Supporting Resources


  • I can listen and respond to musical examples
  • give reasons for personal preferences in music
  • categorize a variety of examples by genre and style

Teaching Procedure

1 Genre Listening Activity

- read the instructions together
- 15 examples will follow.

These are safeshare links.
If the links don't work for you, choose alternate selections from YouTube.
- play the example and give students time to fill in their rating and a brief note as to why they gave it that rating. If they think they know the selection, artist or genre write it in. If not, leave it blank. Do as many examples as you have time for, but remember to leave time to go back and fill in the blanks. Have fun!

2 Example 1

3 Example 2

4 Example 3

5 Example 4

6 Example 5

7 Example 6

Note to teachers: this example was edited on June 14th.
It's the same genre as in the teacher's guide, but a different example.

8 Example 7

9 Example 8

10 Example 9

11 Example 10

12 Example 11

13 Example 12

14 Example 13

15 Example 14

16 Example 15