In this lesson, you will

  • Learn  #49. “Mouse Mousie” – sing, play the game, compose
  • Listening Resource Kit 2  #20:  Minuet in G, Bach Learn about the harpsichord
  • Review the singing game #52. “Oliver Twist” – create movement, experience 6/8


  • I can sing and move to music.
  • I can create movement to music.
  • I can describe how the harpsichord is played.

Teaching Procedure

1 Echo do mi so Patterns in C

Echo do mi so patterns in C.

Have students take turns improvising so-mi or do mi so patterns and the class echoing.

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Song Used: Mouse Mousie

2 Watch and Sing With the Note Highlights for #49. “Mouse Mousie”

Listen to a phrase, then pause the video and sing it back.

Watch both the lyrics highlights and the solfa highlights.

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Song Used: Mouse Mousie

3 Do the Solfa Challenge Activity for #49. “Mouse Mousie”

Complete the solfa challenge.
Read the rhythms.

Song Used: Mouse Mousie

4 Watch the Singing Game for "Mouse Mousie"

Watch how the singing game is played.

Think of ways you can modify for Zoom or in-person.

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5 Play the Game like "Steeplechase" Using Note Cards Instead of Dice

Copy the note cards that are in the supporting resources, or make your own.

Zoom: Make a game board with painters tape, and copy the note cards.
Mouse goes first. Choose a card and have students tell you if it is one beat or two.
Move mouse the number of beats that the note value(s) represents.
If you draw a rest, you miss your turn.
It's cats turn next. Continue until cat or mouse has won.

In-person: If allowed, go outdoors and play the chase game.

Repeat the game.

6 Play Copycat With the Music of Bach - Goldberg Variations #5

Choose new copycat leaders for Variation #6.

This variation has a steadier beat in the first section, so you can use all student leaders.

Ask the children to listen for how the music in the two examples is similar and how it is different.

7 Compose a do mi so Melody Using the Melody Composition Tool

Select Level 3.

Use just the notes do mi so (C E G) to create your composition.

Sing your new melody!

8 Play Copycat With "Minuet in G"

Play copycat with "Minuet in G"

It used to be thought that Bach wrote this minuet, but it is now known that Bach didn't.

But Bach did include it in the notebook that he created to teach his wife and children how to play the keyboard.
This notebook is called the "Anna Magdalena Notebook" after his wife.

9 Learn About the Harpsichord

Watch the video to learn about and listen to a harpsichord.

If the safeshare link doesn't work, google "How does a harpsichord work" to find an alternate.

Song Used: Oliver Twist

10 Review the Singing Game #52. “Oliver Twist”

Watch the kids demo that shows how to play this game.

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Song Used: Oliver Twist

11 Sing #52. “Oliver Twist”

Sing along with the recording of the song, then use the recording to play the game.

Zoom: Choose a leader and all copy while teacher/class sing. (or play recording)

in-person: Choose a leader and all copy while you play the recording.

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