Grade 4 Lesson 26


In this lesson, you will:

  • warmup with drm sl
  • #69 “Wallflowers” – read, sing, create
  • Option 1:  create new covid words for the song
  • Option 2:  create and play an ostinato
  • learn about and listen to the Baroque flute
  • play recorder melodies on the xylophone. Review 1-29 as needed.  Learn 30-34.
  • Recorder #33 “Morning” – view the composer video and do mirror movement with the selection


  • I can read and perform rhythm and melody patterns.
  • I can create and perform an ostinato.
  • I can describe music from a variety of eras.

Teaching Procedure

1 Music IS Literacy

A note to parents, teachers, principals and admin.

Music education is important for all learners.

For more details copy and paste these links into your browser.



2 Warm up your voices by echoing drm sl

Echo the singer.

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Song Used: Wallflowers

3 Read the Words of the Song

Read the words of the song.

What do you think the song is about?

This song is about a measles outbreak in England in the 1800s.

Measles was a very serious disease in 1898 - but today it is preventable with vaccines and is much more treatable.

Song Used: Wallflowers

4 Clap and Say the Rhythm Names for Wallflowers

Clap and say the rhythms for Wallflowers.

Can you sing the song in solfa?

This song uses the same solfa notes that you echoed in the warmup.

Song Used: Wallflowers

5 Sing the song "Wallflowers"

Listen to the song.

Play the video again and sing along.

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6 Option 1: Create new Covid words for the song

Could you write new words for this song?

Think of how your life has changed this past year due to Covid.

Do an example with the class, then create your own words.

A worksheet is included in supporting resources.

7 Option 2: Create an ostinato for "Wallflowers"

An ostinato is a repeated pattern.

That means that you do the pattern over and over again.

Try out all the ways to do this pattern, and decide how you want to do your ostinato.

You can change the rhythm if you like.

Song Used: Wallflowers

8 Perform an Ostinato with a Song

Try performing your ostinato with the song.

Remember that you do the ostinato over and over again, until the end of the song.

For a challenge, sing the song and perform your ostinato at the same time!

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9 Do you play the recorder?

Do you play the recorder?

Did you know that the recorder has been played for more than 700 years!

The first recorders were made of wood.

10 Learn about the Baroque flute

Flutes in the Baroque era (1600-1750) were made of wood.

They didn't have keys - just holes like the recorder.

But they were held and blown like the modern flute.

11 Listen to the Baroque Flute

Listen to "Canarie" by Quinault and answer the questions.

Optional: Print and complete the listening log that is in Supporting Resources.

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12 Extension: Watch a "Canarie" Dance

This is a safeshare link.

It's not the same canarie that you listened to, but it shows the kind of dance that would be done.

If the safeshare link doesn't work for you, google "canarie dance"

13 Play recorder melodies - on recorder or virtual glockenspiel!

In the upper left corner it says "Choose Song".

Select the songs to practice. (1-29)

Choose new songs to learn. ( 30-31-32-33-34)

#33 is Morning, by Grieg.

If allowed to play the songs on the recorder, play on the recorder instead of the virtual xylophone.

14 Learn about the composer Edvard Grieg

Watch the video to learn about Grieg.

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15 Listen to "Morning" and do mirror movement with a partner

Choose a partner and decide who is "leader" and who is "follower".

Listen to "Morning" and as you listen, the leader creates movement and the follower mirrors.

Switch roles half way through the selection.

This is really interesting if you are super quiet while doing this.

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