Grade 5 Lesson 26 (m.3)

In this lesson you will
  • learn a silly action song
  • learn tempo terms
  • learn and perform rhythms at different tempos


  • I can define and perform a variety of tempos.

Teaching Procedure

1 Music Is Literacy

A note to parents, teachers, principals and admin.

Music education is important for all learners.

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2 Read the Lyrics

Read the lyrics.

Think about what the song means.

What is the song about?

Is it a funny song or a serious song?

How do the words make you feel?

Did you learn a new word in this song?

What is your favourite part of the lyrics?

3 Watch the Kids Demo of, "I am Slowly Going Crazy."

Watch the kids demo of #72 I am Slowly Going Crazy.
Everyone sings the song slowly together, then a small group sings twice as fast,
then this group sings 4x as fast! Try doing the actions with the class.

Video not working? Try our alternate video player!

4 Review Quarter and Eighth Notes

This song uses just quarter note and eighth note rhythms.

Some teachers call these rhythms ta (for one sound on a beat) and ti-ti. (for two sounds on a beat.).

Can you clap and say the rhythms of this song?

5 Reading Pitch Letter Names

Look at the song notation.

The small staff in the upper right hand side of the screen shows the solfa notes in lower case letters.

Underneath, it shows the pitch letter names in upper case letters.
Have you learned how to name pitches using letter names? (ABCDEFG)

6 Play Note Name Memory to Practice Naming Notes with Letter Names

To review pitch letter names, play the Note Name Memory Game.
At the time that I wrote this, it's #4 in the Games List.

7 Name the Notes in the song, "I am Slowly Going Crazy"

Name the Notes in the song, "I am Slowly Going Crazy"

Play the melody to hear how the song goes.

Song Used: I am Getting Such a Headache

8 Sing the Song and do the Actions

Sing the song with the kids demo and do the actions!

Sing with the slow part all the way through the first time.

Sing again, trying the part that goes double time!

Video not working? Try our alternate video player!
Song Used: I am Getting Such a Headache

9 Learn Tempo Terms and Perform Different Tempos

In this activity, you can learn the tempo words musicians use, and clap rhythms at a variety of tempos.
If you don't know what the tempo words mean, view the Teaching Slides.
Try as many of the activities as you want to!
You may be asked to write 3 tempo words and their meaning as part of your assessment of this lesson.

10 Assessment Suggestions

Optional Assessment Activities: Your teacher will tell you what is required for assessment of this lesson.
Suggestions are:
- write 3 (or more) tempo words and their meaning and email to your teacher
- send a video of yourself singing the song with the actions
- send a video of you clapping and saying the rhythms of the song

11 Music Education is Important!

Music Education is Important
- whether you are learning in a school or learning at home!